Into the Union

Into the Union is a homage to classic 2D arcade shooters. Along side intense action, the game also tells a story of war and betrayal.

Lost beyond the edges of the known galaxy. The last know Union fighter ship, piloted by Jessica Lone, is in a war without rules and on a scale that she has never seen.

On the run from an unforgiving enemy, Jessica has to make a break for freedom. We join her on her mission, to find out what has happended to the rest of her squadron.

The gameplay itself is not unlike other side scrolling shooter contemporaries like R-Type, Galaga and Ikaruga. Utilising the Unity engine and C# programming language, Into the Union was release on Xbox One game store on January 2020, with a release for Windows PC and MAC following in April same year.

You can download the game for free below.

Type: Videogame
Released: Jan 2020
Involvement: Concept, Design, Story, Programming
Software: Unity, Visual Studio C#, Photoshop