Journey to the Tombs (TBC 2021)

Journey to the Tombs is a fully functioning game prototype that you can play on an Game Boy handheld and/or emulator.

Inspired by ‘The Tombs of Atuan’, which is the second book of Ursula Le Guins treasured ‘Earthsea’ collection of novels. Journey to the Tombs is a puzzle based RPG (role playing game). The story focuses on the young wizard Ged, and the untold story of how he came to be in the Tombs. The game takes place on the island of Atuan, a land engulfed in religious sectarianism. The player must solve puzzles and riddles to progress to the end.

Due to hardware limitations of the original Game Boy, there were multiple obstacles to overcome. For example, sprites could only contain four colours, whereas backgrounds were also limited to five. There are also only 25 unique frames of animation can be allocated to actors in each scene, so these had to be used sparingly.

The game is currently being geared up for a general release, for free, and will be available in a Game Boy ROM format.

If you have any question, quries or comments, get in contact.

Type: gAMEBOY Videogame
Release: TBC 2021
Involvement: Concept, Design, Story, Programming
Software: GB Studio, Photoshop, Tiled