The Union (2021)

The Union is an interactive DVD film which enables the viewer to participate in the storytelling (via the DVD remote) at certain points throughout the story.

Differing from the ‘choose you own adventure’ style of film-making, where a person has a chance to alter the outcome of the story, the decisions in The Union do not have an impact on the events within the story. Instead, the selections let the viewer see branching stories of the characters in the film, and how their stories cross and interwine with each over throughout the film.



Moving the project forward, there is a plan to integrate all the seperate stories and release it as a feature film. This would include re-shoots as well as the 3D sections/animations to the rendered again in high-definition/4K format.


Type: Interactive Film
Release: TBC 2021
Involvement: Concept, Design, Story
Software: 3DS Max, Photoshop, Premiere, Encore