About the Health and Care Professions Council (2020)

This project was to create and develop a video animation that outlined what the organisation does, and how they benefit both HCPC registered professionals and service users.

It includes how the HCPC:

  • Set standards
  • Hold a public Register of professionals who meet our standards
  • Assess and approve education and training programmes
  • Take action if a concern is raised about a professional
  • Assess continuing professional development

I was lead on this project, and I had to work with teams internally to come up with a script. From here I approached an animation studio (DRUM) where I worked with them to produce the piece.

The final piece has been well received both internally and externally. It celebrates to those on the HCPC register, as much as explains what they do.


Type: About the HCPC – Animation
Release: 2020
Involvement: Concept, Script, Project management
Software: Photoshop, After Effects

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