Dogs Grandad Brewery (2020)

Dogs Grandad Brewery is a microbrewery and taproom based in Brixton. For this project Osogato developed an ecommerce website for the business as well as a promotional video for a crowdfunder campaign. Their vision is to bring to the consumer hop forward beers in favourite styles that include; a Pale Ale, IPA, Session IPA, and a Table Beer. The online store gives them the ability to sell beers online.

As the coronavirus has shut all pubs and taprooms they have also had to rethink their entire strategy. Rather than kegging all of the beer and selling via the taproom, they are now having to switch to canning the beer, which will then be sold online. With the Taproom project on hold, selling online is their only avenue to generate income.

It was important that the website launched with the basics. This includes having a secure online store, which is front and center when a person visits the site. Once the first batch of beers are canned, the the website will then ‘go-live’ with secure SSL certification. This will make the site secure fo the user when purchases are made.

Osogato also curated a crowdfunder video, which has been set up to support the business in creative a shop front for the archway taproom. The centrepeice of this film is an animated stop motion piece of the logo being drawn with a ballpoint pen.

Osogato has also worked with Dogs Grandad Brewery to create a roadmap for the website. Once it is up-and-running and taking orders, we wil then start to launch other parts to the site. This will include a blog, news desk and also an image gallery. We are also working on a system for booking tables at the Taproom when it opens. This is just the beggining of an exciting partnership between the teams.

Visit website here.

Type: Website and Promo Video
Released: DEC 2020
Involvement: Web Design/Development, Video Editing, Production
Software: Premiere, Photoshop, Wordpres