NAM (2021)

NAM is a retro 2D sidescrolling shooter that takes inspiration from a whole host of media from the 1980’s. Alongside an original story set in the backdrop of the Vietnam conflict, there is also a collective nod to blockbuster films of the time, like Predator and Commando.

Synopsis: NAM sees a LURP (Long-range reconnaissance patrol) soldier being sent on a mission deep behind enemy lines. His objective is to find out what happened to the ‘tunnel rats’, a squadron of war-torn veterans. The journey will take him from the lush war torn jungles, into the cloustrophibic underworld of the Vietcong tunnel networks.

The gameplay takes cues from other game contemporaries like Gunstar Heroes, Contra and Mega Man. Utilising the Unity engine and C# programming language, NAM will be released for PC. Other platforms are also being considered, depending on the success of the PC release.

Caption: Clearing the enemy

Caption: Collecting Ammo from crates


Type: Videogame
Release: TBC 2021
Involvement: Concept, Design, Story, Programming
Software: Unity, Visual Studio C#