Sev (2015)

Sev is a documentary film that was edited from both stock footage and recent recorded interviews of a man called Sevdalin, a Bulgarian national who immigrated to the UK.

Synopsis: Sev is on an emotional journey back to his childhood roots. He travels from the UK to Bulgaria, to visit the orphanage he once grew up in, as well as the abandoned home of his father.

Sev’s journey ends with a generous charitable donation at his orphanage, which comes in the form of a pair of shoes for each of the children. This was in addition to a memorable Christmas party. Sixty orphaned children were overjoyed at the experience of celebrating with their new idol, while taking Sev back to his past and touching his heart in a way he never expected.

Osogato played a key part in this film getting produced. Taking on editing and post production duties, we were able to create a sombre piece that shows us how our past experiences shape and define us.


Type: Documentary film
Released: 2015
Involvement: Editing and Post-production
Software: Final Cut Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve